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Big trend - is a combined blog of nine bloggers focuses on major trends that led to big leaps in various fields including politics, technology, business, science, and health. It also provides tips and updates on major developments currently in society.

Current trends - provide information on current happenings or emerging trends across various categories. It helps to find current trends on business, home maintenance, science, and society categories.

India Campus -

Liveoncampus is a platform for school and college students to network and share their write-ups, photos, and videos.

Knowledge peak - provides productive information that helps in daily life for better living. It also update on various developments in categories including businesses, home, entertainment, technology news, and shopping.

News developments - is a combined blog of six people each focused on providing news developments in various categories. Major news events and developments are provided in categories including business, home and living, society, science and technology, and entertainment.