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Free Statistical Software

XLSTAT - We specialize in different statistical software to conduct statistical analysis in Microsoft Excel, for both PC as well as MAC users!

Analysis of Covariance -

Have you heard of "ANCOVA" or analysis of covariance but are not sure what exactly it is. The site will explain in a non-technical way that makes learning how to perform ANCOVA as painless as possible.

Astrology in Canada -

We offer astrology book reviews and news. It is the first book, which presents GoVaastu as a science of energy fields and proposed a hypothesis as to the methodology involved.

Building energy efficiency -

Building energy efficiency at best. To get more information, visit our website.

Compound Microscopes -

Need to focus in on a good microscope? Microscope Source offer a range of microscopes catering for amateurs and educational uses, to specialist geological and medical needs, as well as other items and resources.

Data Logger -

Data loggers and data logging systems for Industrial, Commercial and Oceanography applications, portable intelligent loggers, using wireless, LAN and MMC memory. Fully upgradeable data logger

Fire Risk Assessment involves a detailed inspection the building and work processes. -

Nemco are Risk assessment consultants offering risk management services across the UK for the prevention and control of risks associated with fire, air and waterborne pathogens.

Flow Meter Info -

Flowmeter Info is a great resource on flowmeters. Featuring informational articles, books and more on flowmeters.

Flow Meters Supply -

Research and categorical listings for suppliers of flowmeter and related hardware and equipment. Flowmeters are devices used to measure the flow of a liquid or gas within a channel or conduit. The first use of flowmeters was in ancient times when water had to be rationed in order to make the supply last all year and still pull in crops for food. Today flowmeters are used in many other ways than just water rationing, in fact there are thousands of applications where flowmeters are a critical part

Flowmeter Industry -

The industry source for flowmeter information and company listings.

Howletts -

Port Lympne and Howletts Wild Animal Parks in Kent provide the ideal day out for all the family. Enjoy hundreds of animals in natural and expansive grounds.

keyofscience -

A Site providing comprehensive information about Science with related branches over the World. You can get here all latest information about ,Physics,Space,Environment, Archaeology, Entertainment, Food, Forensic Science, Games, Genetics DNA, Health and Fitness, Insects, Inventions, Kids and parenting and more.

News, Health, Entertainment, Science, Technology, Sports - delivers the top latest news, stories, updates and focus on health, science, technology, entertainment and sports.

Solar Panel -

SolarBlvd serves as your renewable energy resource, offering a full range of solar and wind Power Systems including solar cell, solar panel, solar PV, solar products, charge controllers and solar trackers.

solar power systems -

Green Home Energy is a supplier of Solar Power & solar systems to Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, South East Qld & Northern NSW. Our accredited installers will install our approved solar panels producing solar energy. The energy the solar systems produce can then be sold back into the grid.

Technology news -

Here you get the latest technology news, information of IT Industry, computer technology, latest gadgets in the market.

Temperature Logger -

Portable miniature temperature loggers from dataloggers UK. Modular data logging systems allowing for any combination of parameters to be monitored. Intelligent logging, wireless, LAN and web connectivity.

Thermal Imagers -

Fluke thermal imaging cameras capture fully radiometric infrared images using patent-pending IR-Fusion® technology.

Toxic mold consultant Phillip Fry can do mold inspection and mold testing of your home. -

Certified Mold Inspector Phillip Fry can help you fix your own Las Vegas property’s mold problems at low-cost, more safely, and better than what is done by many mold inspectors and mold contractors.

ultrasonic Magmeter -

A resource site geared towards flowmeters. Learn how flowmeters work & what they are used for. Flow meters are used for jobs related to pipes, such as plumbing, sewage workers and so on. Some flow meters are more common than others; some are more accurate than others.